How would you manage a difficult employee?

Employers expect managers to supervise employees and solve any problems that might disrupt the team. Employers will want a response that showcases your interpersonal and problem-solving skills, along with the ability to make difficult decisions as needed. Your answer should focus on a specific example of when you handled an employee conflict and improved the situation.

Example: "A few months ago, I had a new employee who regularly missed deadlines. This created an issue on my team, as I had to start asking other employees to take on his tasks to ensure we reached our goals. I set up a private meeting in which I expressed my expectations for the team and explained how his actions impacted his colleagues.

Once he gained clarity on my expectations, he began consistently turning in work on-deadline. He also became more proactive in reaching out for support, ensuring that I had enough time to delegate others to the task rather than making last-minute assignments as I had to before."