How would you describe your management style?

Interviewers will ask a question like this to determine whether your approach aligns with their company and culture. They want to learn how you would organize, manage and evaluate your team members. Your answer should provide examples of your success in managing others in the past and the strategies or methods you used. If possible, try to use an example that aligns with the job description or the company’s overall mission.

Example: “For the past five years, I have managed a team of 15 employees and have found that communication is crucial to our success. I make sure to check-in with each team member at least twice weekly to assess their progress on our projects and goals. This has led to increased productivity and accountability on my team. I make my expectations clear, but also allow them space to raise their own questions and concerns. I let them know that I am always available to talk, which has created a very trusting and honest team.”