How would you describe your management style in simple words

On the scale, from Larry Ellison to John F. Kennedy, how much laissez-faire are you? Or perhaps you prefer the good cop, bad cop style?

Whatever your strategy is, you’d better be flexible. A good leader knows they need to choose methods working for their team, not the other way around.

How should you know what to say?

Tailor your response to your future position. If you’re going to work in sales, mention what approach you’d take as a sales lead, e.g., trends are changing fast, and your marketers need to stay on top to get leads, so it’d be good to invest in their long-term development and professional training.

I believe the best management style is a flexible one. You need to adjust your methods to what’s necessary at that particular moment, like team bonding activities, stepping in and taking over, or letting the experienced team run on its own and report progress.

I led a project team some time ago that involved people from various departments. Suddenly the team started to underdeliver. I learned it was a miscommunication that sparked negative feelings towards the project team members. I designed some fun and communications-based tasks for the team to strengthen their teamwork skills to overcome this. It took several games to make sure every person spoke to each other, and in the end, we had a brainstorming session. Its purpose was to discover which communication style worked best. Guess what happened. The productivity between the departments doubled, and we beat the sales target by 12%.