How would you describe your leadership style?

There are various leadership styles that one can follow depending on the team requirements. If a team is not experienced, a transactional leadership style can help you in managing the team efficiently by using rewards for high performing employees. Also, the leader can personally groom the team so that they meet the common goals.

If a team is experienced, a laissez-faire or transformation style of leadership can really help you get the results that you want. In laissez-faire, the team has a lot of flexibility to act on their own, with little supervision. However, you should remain focused so that no team member should drop their work standards. Transformation style can be very engaging when you can communicate effectively, leading to effective knowledge sharing.

If you prefer a highly participative environment, you should go for the democratic style where the members are free to offer their inputs.

Make sure you mention why you prefer the particular type of leadership style and how it would work for the organisation that you are interviewing.