How was the interview experience for quantitative researcher at JP Morgan?

Following is the Interview Experience of a candidate who applied for the Quantitative Researcher role at JP Morgan.

They had applied through the campus placement process of JP Morgan. you can read more about it at - JP Morgan - Campus Placement Process

Following are round wise analyses presented by the candidate -

Round - I (Aptitude Test)

The AT took place at the cubes platform online. It consists of two papers -

  1. The general aptitude test is similar to that of the standard aptitude test (CAT), and if you had prepared for any competitive exam, it would be a cakewalk for you.
  2. A coding test is a technical case-based test to check your coding skills relevant for the role.

Round - II (Technical round)

This round consists of two separate interviews. In both the interviews, the invigilator checked the candidate’s quantitative aptitude and coding skills.

They either asked puzzle-based mathematics questions or coding or technical questions.

The average run time of these interviews is 45 minutes - 1 hour .

Round - III (HR Interview)

These rounds worked out for around 15 minutes, where they had asked the candidate questions related to his interest in the organization and other general questions.

Result - Selected for the role.