How to select the perfect sales job?

Before you can evaluate a sales position, you must first understand what to look for. Take into account the following five points.

1) Career Path and Industry
That is to say, the sort of sales opportunities available to you will be determined by the industry you work in, and vice versa. Make sure the roles and emphasis are suitable with your objectives and interests before committing to a certain professional path or industry.

2. Job Prospects in the Long Run
BDRs, for example, are becoming increasingly popular. Others, such as outside sales, are declining. Make sure your position will still be needed in 10 years before you commit to a professional path.

3. Compensation Type
What is your preferred method of earning money? Sales remuneration ranges from no commission (for example, retail salespeople) to 100% commission (your salary is completely determined by performance). The former provides more stability, but the latter may be quite rewarding if you’re skilled at what you do.

4. Leads Types
If you enjoy dealing with inbound leads, a position that requires you to seek out chances on your own won’t be the ideal match for you.

5. Individuality
If you despise the principal responsibilities of your job, you’ll be unhappy. Account management, for example, is ideally suited to someone who enjoys getting to know their clients and assisting them in achieving their objectives over time.