How to prepare for Written Ability Test (WAT)?

Written Ability Test (WAT) is conducted by several institutes before the Personal Interviews begin for the final shortlisting.

  • There are four important aspects to focus on – read a lot, write a lot, time management, and idea management.

  • Reading a lot will help in making the points content-rich and be eloquent on any topic under the sun.

  • Writing a lot will help in having a concise and coherent sequence of thoughts. Having mere knowledge of various topics is not enough and hence it should be done religiously.

  • Time management helps in writing the content in the given time constraint. It checks how clearly one can think under pressure.

  • Idea management helps in avoiding the haphazard construction of sentences and following a clear pattern of penning down the thoughts.

Group Discussion rounds are being largely replaced by Written Ability Tests and it is a crucial round of the selection procedure.


Resources to refer to & structure of WAT?
As discussed in the post, we will go forward with the following types while discussing the resources to be referred to while preparing for WAT.
Therefore the resources required topic wise are as follows:

  • Current Affairs:

1. Newspaper: General newspapers, business newspapers & trade newspapers.

2. Journals: General Knowledge

3. Magazines: Business Magazines, Readers Digest

  • Philosophical:
  1. Real-life experiences

  2. Novels

  3. Philosophical Journals

  • Abstract:
  1. Media channels

  2. Blogs on WordPress

The following resources should be read regularly while preparing for your entrances; this helps you get the terminologies used in the specific fields, which will make them seem very professional when used in your essays. Therefore the candidate needs to read through various sources.