Classification of WAT?

Candidates who assume that the WAT round has only one sort of topic are greatly misinformed. There are several types of essays that are customised to analyse the most significant factors according to the panel.
The Written Ability Test (WAT) is one of two shortlisting rounds used by business schools to evaluate a candidate’s thinking and written communication capabilities. Last year, leading IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) in the country revived the WAT idea to replace the group discussion round (GD).
Many other B-Schools have followed in the footsteps of this approach and now use WAT as one of their MBA admissions criteria. The WAT round, the second step of their shortlisting process, is given a high weighting (more than 20%) by major IIMs and other prominent b-schools in the nation.
Subject to change, below is a descriptive overlay of the most essential themes and crucial points of concentration that will help you improve your WAT preparation:

  • Current Affairs
  • Philosiphical
  • Abstract

All the above mentioned types have different ways of preparing, different ways imply different resources. In the exam day it is important to note that the structure for every type of topic differs from one another.