How to prepare for VARC section in CAT for beginners

  • The verbal ability and reading comprehension section in CAT deals with a person ability of how fast he can read and understand the given reading comprehension. It also tests grammar and vocabulary. This cannot be developed overnight or just before one month of the exam, and it has to be practised daily for many months.

  • A beginner can start preparing this section by reading the editorials in newspapers like THE HINDU. He can also start reading easy fictional storybooks and novels and slowly get into complex novels. Spending around 30 minutes reading the newspaper and around 45 minutes to one-hour reading storybooks or novels and consistently doing it over the months will help the candidate.

  • Also, the candidate can follow the skimming, scanning and summarizing rule while solving a reading comprehension.

Skimming: This means skimming something so that one can get the idea behind the passage and its structure. Here there is no need of memorizing everything you read. It is about leaving out the unnecessary parts from the RC.

Scanning: - Scanning deals with questions of the RC, and you have to know what information or piece of answer you are searching for. You don’t need to remember or understand the exact words, and you need to know where the answer can be in the RC.

Summarizing: - It is about stating down the idea, structure, key words and covering almost all the main points of the given RC.

  • For verbal ability, one can start solving prepositions, FIB, para jumbles, and a para summary from different online sources. Also, keep track of every new word you learn daily revise these words weekly. And try to use it daily.