How to prepare for the Verbal section of CAT?

Preparation for the Reading Comprehension section of CAT is a gradual process. The main strength lies behind being able to guide your reading and understanding skills through idioms and metaphors to provide the real meaning behind the passage and answer questions accordingly.
The practice for this section is done to build upon one’s vocabulary and improve the reading skills, getting the message and that too quickly. This can be done by improving upon the following aspects:

  1. Developing the habit of reading:

Take some time out of your daily life to go through the newspapers, magazines or even your favorite English novel to build upon the habit of reading. It is preferably if current affairs magazines or newspapers are utilized as they contain similar passages as that presented in the exam, with policies, business, and other topics as the usual subject.

  1. Get your basics straight before practicing:

Everything has a logical way of approaching it, and it stays the same for reading comprehension section as well. Don’t worry about the time you are taking to fully understand the passage , if you are a beginner.
With more and more practice, you will soon be able to decipher the main meaning behind them. Always keep a dictionary handy to quickly learn any new word, and its usage in sentences.

• The main difference between VARC and the other sections of CAT is that this section is not about finding the right answers, but about finding the wrong answers and eliminating them. Many options look correct, so you need to develop your logic and understand why they are wrong. The reverse is not true.
• Develop healthy reading habits. Read the novel in 30 minutes of the day, then read the editorial part of the newspaper for another 30 minutes to an hour (depending on speed).
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• You can download some PDFs to practice the VA for CAT.
• Try a series of practice tests in the VA section. This helps you to be exposed to various questions. The most important phase of a practice test is to publish the test. This will help you analyse the performance of your skill. You can download mobile applications like vocabulary builder, word to word, and many such more apps to make learning fun.
• In addition to learning, start applying all the words or phrases in your day to day expressions while talking to your friends or family. It will increase the retaining power of the words and helps you to know the usage.
• If you got bored of reading and getting lazy, switch to watching movies/series and play word games.
• It’s a good idea to keep a dictionary handy when watching a movie or reading a book.

The VA section of CAT consists of Para jumbles, Para-summary, and odd-one-out type questions.

All the questions are analytically based and might cause serious problems or time-wasting during the test.

Some points to improve your efficiency in the Verbal ability section will be as follows -

  • Always go through the question only when you feel that you can solve the question. It will help you to save time for questions you can solve.
  • In the case of Para jumbles, always go through every possibility and look for connectives. Moreover, if you are confused, then try going through options.
  • For Para-summary, read through the para and try to understand the author’s central theme or central idea. Based on that, look for appropriate answers in the options.
  • While writing the test, your primary goal is to solve as many questions as possible, not all the questions.
  • Do not focus on increasing the number of questions but increasing your efficiency by practicing each type of question.