How to prepare for the Decision-Making Section of XAT?

The Decision-Making section is a section that is unique to XAT and is considered to be the trickiest section in the exam. It is often seen that there is a dearth of resources to prepare for this section. It is highly advised to thoroughly prepare the questions given in the previous years’ papers and look for answers provided in the official answer key. This will help the candidates understand the mindset of the paper setter and what type of answers he expects. The rationale behind framing the question can be also understood. This will help in answering the subsequent questions. The subject of question ranges from ethics, letting employees go, the trade-off between business growth and values. The best way to answer the questions is to think from the perspective of the Manager and keep in mind all the stakeholders of the business. There are sometimes situations that are not related to business but to social settings. Such questions should be answered keeping in mind the greater good without comprising on any values. This is a tricky section and students should not attempt questions unless they are absolutely sure of the answers.