How to prepare for IIFT exam with self preparation?

There is no substitute for self-study IIFT preparation , which does not require tutoring unless you get stuck. To prevent wasting time, experts advise starting your IIFT exam preparation with self-study and then combining self-study with coaching.

  1. Self-study is effective technique for IIFT , but time is also a consideration. When a candidate becomes stuck on a question due to a lack of conceptual clarity, additional time is wasted, and melancholy sets in. It might just require a little prodding to get out of the shallows. This assistance can be delivered by your IIFT mentor online, offline, or a combination of both, depending on your preferences.
  2. Most candidates with an engineering or other technical background find it easy to understand Quant, DI, and LR, but they find the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension test to be too challenging. It is at this point that they require professional assistance.
  3. Because the time to answer each question is shorter in IIFT preparation , you will need to enhance your speed and accuracy. You have around 1 minute to solve each question, and the marking scheme in the IIFT test, with its varied scoring system, requires you to concentrate more on high-scoring questions and cross the qualifying cut-offs for each of the sections of the IIFT exam side by side. As a result, achieving a high overall score in IIFT 2022 will not be enough; you must also achieve a good section-wise score to be considered for IIFT shortlisting.
  4. You should be able to sit for more than 3 hours without taking a break as part of your IIFT 2022 preparation. You would need to take more Mocks and IIFT previous year test papers to achieve this.