How to prepare for Group Discussions

  • Group discussion topics can be abstract topics or real-world current affairs. It would be best to start preparing with general topics like black vs white, AI, humans on mars etc.

  • You have to stock yourself up with information like history, art, literature, countries economy, international affairs, sports. Etc.

  • You have to be perfect with facts when are you about to talk about a topic in GD. Random information or wild guess doesn’t fetch you good marks.

  • Always try to initiate the Group discussion to drive the GD accordingly. Always learn to listen. You should listen and give a chance to others as well to create a healthy atmosphere.

  • You have to understand the dynamics of the group. If you feel the discussion is going off-topic, take a second and bring back the discussion to the topic.

  • If you are completely unaware of the topic, wait till everyone speaks their points, and you will get some idea about the topic, and then you start pitching it to the group.

  • Try to be the first and last person to speak in the discussion. Always end with a logical conclusion.