How to perform well at a group discussion?

keep in mind that it is his soft skills that are being judged more than his technical knowledge on the subject matter. To perform better at a GD, one should first have good knowledge on the subject matter, one should be updated about the happenings in his surroundings, one should be a team worker, and most importantly a good listener. Since educational institutes or corporate companies focus more on soft skills than technical knowledge, a candidate has to be efficient in expressing his opinions and letting the other members express themselves as well. Being silent does not indicate that the candidate has no knowledge or soft skills, however, one has to speak in order to get his points through. There are some cases where the discussion gets out of hand and the arguments get aggressive or heated. It has to be kept in mind that in such situations, one must keep a calm head and listen to what others are trying to convey. One must not succumb to anger in GD, and he can perform better merely by keeping a cool head and by being attentive.