How to perform better in Data Interpretation?

Being able to interpret the statistics, pie charts, bar graphs and other modes of data is a very integral requirement for a manager. The Data Interpretation section of the CAT exam is designed to assess the aspirants in their run up to a career in management.
One needs the analytical skills and the ability to make a sense out of data presented in a pictorial form to be able to score better in this section. To be honest, if you are good at calculations, and able to find your way through the graphs and pie charts to understand the arrangement and message, you will find this section like a walk in the park.
However, following points may help if you are a beginner with the section and want to improve upon your present scores:

  1. Most common questions of the section involve a lot of calculations, generally with the basic concepts of averages, ratios, percentages and need thorough practice to have a grip on them. Knowing squares of numbers up to 30, cubes up to 20 will also speed up your calculations.
  2. Learn short tricks to shorten the time required in calculations. These are no substitute for getting your basic concepts clear but practicing them will help you manage the time in your hand way better.
  3. Always go through the questions carefully , and use your common sense and knowledge to eliminate the far possibilities, and provide ample time that can help you chose between close calls.