How to Improving time and accuracy in Common Admission Test(CAT) Reading comprehension

One of the most difficult categories to develop is READING COMPREHENSION. Even when progress is made, it is done slowly. These will help you improve Your accuracy and time :

• Use the context: If a question asks you to read a certain line from a passage, don’t go back and read only that line. Reading at least two sentences before and after the line in question is a decent rule of thumb.
• Do the unfamiliar passages at the end: Because each question is worth the same amount of time, you don’t want to waste a lot of time on a passage with fewer questions while you can answer more in the meantime. If any of the science portions seem perplexing to you, come return to it after you’ve finished the rest.
• Recognize the question’s main point: Some folks skim through the question, not really comprehending what it’s asking, then move on to reviewing the response options and selecting the first one that sounds correct. This is not a viable method since several answer options may ring true or somewhat true with the material. Only one will explicitly and best address that question.
• Take notes while you read
• Avoid extreme Answers
• Don’t make any assumptions
• Don’t bring outside knowledge while answering