How to improve your lead conversion?

All the companies focus so much on hiring extroverted talkers for the sales career that they forget that there is more to a perfect sales rep outreach than just talking, therefore here are a few tips which can help improve your sales rep outreach as a result of which the lead conversion for your company
1) Customized Templates
It’s a good idea to use templates to guide representatives. Borrowing them is not an option. Any template that applies to all readers of a widely read sales blog hasn’t been tested with your audience and isn’t personalised to your buyer and industry. It’s also the exact same format used by every other salesman. Make your own from the ground up, based on what works.

2) Keep it Crisp
Your topic line has only a few seconds to attract prospects’ attention. You have a couple more seconds if they open. That is all there is to it. Like most reps, don’t squander a single word.
Most salespeople use a shotgun technique, cramming as much information as can into their emails. They are confident that at least one of their many bullet points will be remembered. However, this results in a poor user experience. Prospects will read nothing and trash what appears to be an instruction manual. It’s far preferable to write less and be read more.

3) Replace Cliches & Buzzwords with Precise language
Clichés are statements that have become so overused that they have lost all meaning, such as promising a prospect that you would help them grow their business. Except if you’re Uber, that’s just perplexing. Buzzwords are comparable in that they’ve become so popular that everyone uses them everywhere—as with “AI”—and they’ve lost their meaning. Cliches and jargon combine to make emails unreadable.