How to deal with rejection in Personal Interviews

Interviewers have their own methods of analyzing any applicant and they follow their own methods of selection of that applicant. Some students have an amazing academic record and have been winning at everything throughout their lives. and there are some students who have worked hard their entire lives to reach and sit for the interviews for a particular company and they get rejected. In any of the circumstances, it is important to keep in mind, that one should not lose hope. These placement interviews are not the end of the world, and there are a lot of similar firms and companies that are looking to hire candidates of similar nature and personalities. People tend to forget that they can have bad days. MBA colleges have a lot of competition, these are students who have given a very tough exam, cracked group discussions, and have been selected after giving personal interviews. So, let’s not lose hope over one rejection, instead, we should analyze the field that we need to work on ourselves so that we can perform better in our next interview, and use the rejection of the lesson for life and not think of it as a failure.