How to create a sales funnel?

To have a sales funnel, you must first have lead who can move through it. Once you have those leads, you can use lead scoring to track their activity and engagement to figure out where they are in the funnel.

Fives stages of creating a sales funnel are as follows -

  • Creating a Landing Page

Lead will most likely learn about your firm through a landing page.

They’ll land on a landing page through an ad, join up for a webinar, or download an ebook.

  • Offer something of value to the customer .

This is the point where you must give something in exchange for your customers’ email.

A lead magnet, like an ebook or whitepaper, is an excellent method to give your landing page visitors something useful.

  • Nurture

Your Lead will have progressed from the Awareness stage to the Interest stage at this point.

You may also construct a nurturing email series to deliver instructional content about your business because you have all of their email from the landing page.

  • Upsell / Cold-sell

You want to offer anything that can influence Lead towards making a purchase choice as they progress into the Decision stage.

It could be through a product demonstration, a longer free trial, or a special price.

  • Keep Going

You’ll either land new customer or learn why lead aren’t interested in buying in the Action phase.

In any case, keep the communication open.

Focus on product awareness, engagement, and retention for new consumers.

Create a new nurturing series for lead who did not purchase and follow up with them every few months.