How to become a cybersecurity freelancer?

The step by step career in cybersecurity freelancing is as follows:

Identification of field
You should have a notion of what you can do based on your cyber security knowledge, abilities, and experience. Go to internet freelancing markets like and to learn more about possible freelance possibilities. Examine the kind of jobs that are often advertised, their pay, and the competition. Make a list of your observations and compare them. This should help you figure out which niche to start with. It’s worth noting that I used the phrase “to begin with.” Once you’ve built up a customer base and achieved your goal of good ratings and reviews, you may always add/switch to other fields.

Gap Analysis
Check the level of service being offered and then analyze the gap in the service. Match that gap with your capabilities & look for upskilling if required. This gap is your service differential, use it as a selling point.

Digital Presence
Start working on the digital presence of the freelancer, register yourself on freelance websites. It is a possible chance on your profile. Set up a GST registration number/ Paypal if required.