How to attempt mocks for CAT exam

  • Once you are done with the basics of each topic, start giving weekly mocks. Write one mock each week and spend more time analyzing them.

  • Write down the areas where you got wrong, try not to repeat the mistake you had made in your strong areas again in the next mock.

  • For Weak areas, pick a topic and work on it till the next mock and try to solve the problem correctly in the next mock. This way, try to reduce the number of weak areas and increase your strong areas. Write down every formula and shortcut you have used in the mocks and maintain notes on it.

  • Start applying different strategies for different mocks, and it will help you know how to answer the paper under pressure and figure out the most useful strategy. If you are continuously scoring low marks, then go back to the basics of the topics and start practising more problems.

  • Once your mock scores are increasing, you increase the frequency of the mocks per week. It doesn’t matter if you wrote 50 mocks but never went back and revised them.

  • 15 days before the exam, go back to the mocks, go through the areas where you had made a mistake and revise all the shortcuts you have used in the mocks.