How to Approach Quantitative Ability section in IIFT entrance?

The quantitative Ability section has the least number of questions in the 3 sections. It has around 25 questions which consist of various broad topics like Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry. The Arithmetic section generally comprises of Time Speed Distance, Percentages, and Averages. It is a fairly decent part and a student can try and score in this part. The Algebra and Geometry section is a bit on the difficult part. Nearly 2/3rd of the questions are from these topics. A candidate with strong Quant can try to attempt maximum questions in this section. He/she can devote more time to solving Quant questions and try to maximize scores in this area. Candidates who are not familiar with Quants can try and manage to score the minimum cutoff marks as there is a minimum cutoff that is not that high and can be managed by most of the students. If a candidate wants to score high marks overall, they have to score decent marks in this section.

Candidates appearing for the IIFT exam have a whole section dedicated to Quants. For the preparation part, candidates can look over all the past questions asked in the previous years. This will give them a better idea of the quality of the questions and difficulty level. The usual breakup of the section across Algebra, arithmetic, and geometry can also be known. A candidate can sign up for a test series and appear for mocks which will help them to determine a strategy and get a practice of the exam beforehand. Sectional tests of Quants can also be a very essential part of the preparation as it exactly helps the candidate to know his weak areas. Analyzing of the tests given is also important as referring to solutions would help candidates know the fastest way to solve the question as all the competitive exams are time-based and is about solving the questions accurately and in a timely manner.