How to answer the question- Why MBA?

Interview questions are framed in such a way that it helps the interviewer know the reason behind the candidate wanting to join an MBA program. The question “Why MBA” is most crucial in determining this. The answer to this question should be very crisp and to the point. For people with work experience, they can quote instances where they felt that they needed to be on the management side of things if they are in a technical role. Especially Engineers need to have very strong reasoning and enough instances to back up their stories as to why they want to pursue a master’s degree in Management instead of them pursuing it in the technical field. Freshers can relate various concepts of management with their internships or organizing committee/Clubs/Societies experience which made them turn towards Management. Whatever answer a candidate provides, it should have a very strong reasoning behind it so that interviewer is agreed that the candidate has a clear sense of purpose.

  1. Respect everyone you meet :- Some interviewers seek input from other members of the team. This comprises front-desk employees, security guards, and others. As a result, treat everyone you meet on your route to the interview with respect. This not only assists companies in making recruiting decisions, but it also begins to create relationships with potential coworkers.
  2. Follow up with a personalized thank-you email :- Request each of your interviewees’ business cards so that you can write them an individual thank-you email. If you have a morning interview, send your thank-you note the same day. If you have an afternoon interview, the next morning will suffice. Use the notes you took throughout the conversations to keep each email distinct from the others
  3. Bring your resume copies, a pen and a notebook :- Bring at least five printed copies of your resume with you to the interview. On a copy that you maintain and refer to, highlight your job-related accomplishments. You should bring a notebook and a pen. Prepare to take notes in a notepad rather than on your smartphone or other electronic gadget. Make a list of the details so you can refer to them when writing thank-you cards.
  4. Relate your answers to your accomplishments and skills :- Make sure to relate a question to your previous work experience by providing instances of achievements and solutions you’ve produced.Relate every opportunity to the requirements in the job specification.