How to answer the question – “Tell me Something about yourself”?

The question that is asked in almost every interview is Tell me something about yourself or introduce yourself. The Interviewers have a resume of a candidate but still, they ask this question in order to know the candidate better. The ideal length of answer for this question should not exceed 1 minute but should cover all the major details about the candidate. The candidate should start by their name and their place of residence at the moment. They should include their place of completion of high school (Optional if it is same as their place of residence), then they should inform about their undergraduate college and course name. If a candidate is working at that time, then they should add that detail and since when they are working at that company. If the candidate is a fresher, then he should mention the internships that he has done or currently doing. The candidate should also include details other than his academic background which includes their hobbies, interest, social work or if they have played a sport at the state/national level, etc, or any other detail that they want the interviewer to know.