How to answer a Question about Short term and Long term Goals?

The Interviewer can often ask a question on the short-term and long-term goals of a candidate. By short term, the interviewer is generally referring to a time frame of 3-5 years whereas by the long term they refer to a time of 8-10 years or more. Candidates should ideally think about such a question in advance and try to formulate answers on the basis of their academic background or his work experience or his area of interest. If the answer that candidate is providing is completely different from his background, then he/she must be prepared to defend it well as to how he aims to achieve them. A rough roadmap of how the candidate wants to achieve them must be kept in mind and why MBA would help them achieve their goals should be preferably answered in the same question as it will also help them understand that how MBA is linked to achieving your goals. The answers given should be very crisp and to the point and the candidate should be very clear while answering them.