How to Analyze CAT mocks

You can add layers to your analysis as you gain experience, but Mock CATs Strategy comprises three main components

1. Learning Component
Every sample exam contains 65-70 questions with a difficulty level similar to the genuine CAT exam. So, once you’ve completed your Mock test, make sure you look over each question one by one. Try to solve them without regard to the time limit.

This method could very well assist you in learning a handful of methods for fast solving certain question templates from a specific topic. So, answer all of the questions and figure out how to do so as quickly as feasible, even for the ones you were correct.

2. Question Selection or Question Elimination

Every student who takes Mock tests should remember this piece of advice is to select the questions you want to attempt with care.To put it another way, be generous with your question skipping,choose three questions from the practise test that you should not have attempted. Similarly, think of three questions you should have answered but didn’t because you were short on time.