How the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) Work?

For every listed business traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), there are two major classes of stock: A-shares and B-shares.
B-shares are typically available to international investment and are priced in US dollars. A-shares are denominated in yuan and may only be purchased by foreigners under a special scheme known as QFII.
The Hong Kong Exchange, which has been trading H-shares in Chinese firms for many years, also trades Chinese stocks. These shares, which are denominated in Hong Kong dollars, are also available to international investment (HKD).
Formerly state-run firms like large commercial banks and insurance companies account for the majority of the SSE’s overall market capitalization. Many of these businesses have only been on the exchange since 2001. The SSE is only behind the NYSE, Nasdaq, and Tokyo Stock Exchange in terms of total market capitalization for equities exchanges.