How many hours should I prepare in a day for CAT?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” remedy when it comes to the subject of preparation for competitive examinations. It has a lot to do with the personal enthusiasm, educational background, and practice level of the candidates. If you feel that the practice test results are signaling that you need further practice, then do that not just for the sake of practice, but also for your mental peace that gives you a sense of achievement and satisfaction. If you feel confident enough with your preparation and mock test results, keep doing whatever keeps you motivated for the test day while keeping a regular practice.

But being thorough with the concepts that regularly feature in the exam, along with a decent amount of practice, doesn’t matter online or offline, will be a confidence booster for the candidates and will help them keeping their nerves in control during the actual examination period. It is often suggested to provide some extra time to weaker sections as the exam day draws nearer to have a grip on them, while practicing your strength areas in timely manner.

The fact that the examination takes into consideration a variety of sections to assess your ability adds fun to the preparation part of it. So, if you feel that practicing your mathematical skills for hours has pushed you into felling bored, you are free to take some time off to read your favorite magazine or book , that will not only relax you but boost your reading as well as current affairs skills.