How L'Oreal is shaping the beauty industry using Augmented Reality?

L’Oreal is an organization been developing longer than a century. Their topic in the year 2019 is “Boundless Beauty”, which will be utilized to exhibit their vision of things to come of magnificence, through developments controlled by voice, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR). They made Virtual Hair Advisor by L’Oréal Professional is the new age of hair counsel: you’ll attempt diverse hair hues while tuning in to the vocal associate proficient exhortation from L’Oréal experts. Powered by voice orders, this one of a kind encounter is made by Modiface, their Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence company.100% voice enacted, 100% increased reality, 100% personalized. Skin Consult AI by Vichy is an advanced skin symptomatic, which distinguishes indications of maturing, yet also, gives customized skincare. This best in class advancement has been co-created with dermatologists, in association with ModiFace and L’Oréal R&I. The product of 15 years of logical research on skin maturing joined with AI, it’s an absolute necessity attempt when you visit the stand. Last, yet in no way, shape or form least, you’ll get the opportunity to encounter our Effaclar Spotscan by La Roche-Posay. This web application, additionally co- created with dermatologists, utilizes AI and logical information to examine skin inflammation inclined skin. It gives you individual counsel and proposals to cure skin break out sores and keep them from deteriorating.