How is XAT's- Verbal Ability and Logical reasoning section?

The Overall difficulty of verbal Ability and Logical reasoning section remains between moderate to difficult. There are nearly 26 questions asked from this section. There is no definitive breakup of Verbal and Logic questions but 17-18 questions are asked from the Verbal Section and the rest of 8-9 questions are from Logical Ability. The topics covered are Reading Comprehension, Critical reasoning, Sentence Rearrangement, Sentence Completion, and Grammar. The exam tests a candidate on both his reading as well as reasoning skills. The section is a bit tricky due to the diversity of questions asked. Reading comprehension questions form a huge chunk of this section so it is important for the candidate to focus on them and try to solve the maximum questions from here. There are 5 options given to each question and in order to get on to the right answer, it is important for a candidate to have thoroughly understood the question as well as the options. Critical reasoning type of questions challenges the understanding of options to answer the question. A candidate who is well-read and focussed can solve the questions with accuracy.