How is XAT's Quantitative aptitude & Data interpretation section?

The Quantitative aptitude & Data Interpretation (QA & DI) section of the XAT is considered to be a moderate to difficult level section. There are nearly 28 questions in this section. Though this section comprises both QA and DI, it is generally QA-driven. The topic comprises Arithmetic, Algebra, Probability, Numbers, and Geometry chapters broadly. This section though comprises both QA and DI, it is generally QA-driven. The questions asked here are a bit tricky and generally require more than usual time and calculation to be solved. the answer options given are very close to each other which creates a scope of error if not read properly.

The Data Interpretation part of the section has generally 8-9 questions in which the difficulty level hovers between easy to moderate. Most of the questions are from the concepts of Bar graphs, Line Graphs, and Pie Charts. The questions are very calculation intensive but are generally solvable by putting in some amount of time. There is no access to on-screen calculators as well which is allowed in other major entrance tests like CAT. The candidates have to do the calculations on their own using the pen and sheet given to them.