How is XAT's Decision Making Section?

The Decision-Making section is unique to the XAT exam only. No other entrance test has this kind of section Decision Making is a section that is considered to be the toughest among all the sections in the XAT exam. It has been seen historically that Decision Making section has always had a higher overall difficulty level. There are nearly 21 questions asked in this particular section with questions testing the decision-making ability of the candidate.

MBA prepares candidates to be future managers and they have to make some decisions after taking into account all the stakeholders in the business. Decision-making tests that particular aspect. The questions may range from ethics, letting employees go, the trade-off between business growth and values. The options have to be generally arranged in the order of feasibility. This makes answering the question even more difficult as the options are very close. The key to solving the decision-making questions is putting yourself in the shoes of the Manager and thinking from his perspective to get the best solution.