How is work-life balance at JP Morgan?

JP Morgan is a people-centric organization; hence it’s among the best.

There will be days when you are stressed, but it will be unlike any other employer you have worked for in the past.

Work-life balance is essential to the organization, and it is discussed in your monthly meeting with your supervisors.

Yes, there is a strong staff involvement program in place and various health-related events.

Finally, an individual’s perspective and definition of work-life balance matters.

I’d just add that you only realize the worth of these things after you’ve left the company (which isn’t to say that the current company isn’t good)

Some ways JP Morgan try to maintain the work-life balance of their employees are as follows -

  • Time shifts from 11:30AM to 8:30PM . The time shift helps the employees enjoy their morning time with the family and gives them ample time to complete early morning tasks.

  • Project circulation means the project keeps circulating, hence giving employees time to take off for some time.