How is the interview experience of technology analyst at JP Morgan?

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Interview Experience - Shubham Sawant

During campus placements, Mr. Sawant had applied for technology analyst through the placement process.

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Round I - Aptitude test

Mr. Sawant had passed round I, and along with him, 80% of the remaining candidates also passed.

After the test, they were allowed to interact with managers from the firm. All the doubts related to the company were solved during the meeting.

Round II - Technical interview

The interview was taken by a group of 3.

The interview started with a usual question, "Tell me about yourself. "

Then the next question was a mathematical puzzle.

After that, Mr. Sawant was asked some basic technical questions about the role.

The interview carried for almost 40-45 minutes.

Round III - HR Interview

The HR Interview also started with the same question, "Tell me about yourself. "

Then, Mr. Sawant was asked basic HR questions about his academics, job role, and location preference.

The HR Interview stayed for 15-20 minutes.

Result - Mr. Sawant was selected for the role.