How has Covid19 impacted the Product Management roles?

Covid19 has disrupted many industries and left many more jobless. Even hirings, in some cases, came down. In this situation, the idea of a typical work schedule has been completely transformed, and businesses had to adjust to remote working quickly.

But surprisingly, the product management job market was booming even in this dire situation. A Product Manager’s primary responsibility is to prioritize tasks and act quickly. The entire product development lifecycle was disrupted as firms were forced to enhance tech adoption quickly. This creates a perfect ground for product managers.

As the adoption of technology continues to drive the demand for product managers through massive companies like Amazon. The pandemic also accelerated the adoption of technology.

Due to the firms transitioning to a more digitalized product environment product managers are to moderate this change.

E-commerce also proved to be a major driving force as more and more digital created a demand for business, in turn driving the demand for Product managers