How do you translate the company's goals into your team's strategy?

That serves to determine whether you understand how you and the team fit into the company’s scheme.

So, explain your ways of breaking down the overall company’s targets and translating them into your and your team’s KPIs.

Piece of cake, amirite?
In the end, make sure to describe how you talk about the goals with your team. You need to convince the hiring manager you help your team understand the value they create by doing their job.

At the beginning of each onboarding, managers explain the values we hold on to in everything we do to their new hires. So during the presentation to our new writer, I made sure to describe each of the four values and how they fit into their yearly goals. That way, our employees are aware those aren’t only empty words, but actual indicators of one’s performance. Thanks to my presentation, my team knows the importance they play in the content team. They know that what they produce as writers affects other departments. No one has ever under-delivered their targets.