How do you handle delegating tasks to your employees?

ne important management skill is the ability to assign responsibilities to your team members, which is why interviewers will ask a question like this. They want to know that you understand the strengths of your employees and how to delegate the appropriate tasks to them. Your answer should also display how you support your employees through the delegation process, such as providing clear instructions and following up as needed to ensure quality.

Example: “When I have a task I want to delegate to one of my team members, I look at their individual strengths. From there, I determine which employee skills that will enable them to complete the task with minimal supervision, though I will check in on their progress. I also encourage my employees to take on challenges to further develop their skills. I had an employee who had an interest in data analytics. I ended up delegating related tasks to her that helped improve the quality of content we delivered to clients while also streamlining our workflow.”