How do you delegate responsibilities within the team?

Recruiters want to learn how you approach task distribution among your team members and prioritize and evaluate each task.
That’s management 101.
So, make Peter Drucker proud with your answer.
This kind of interview question can be used for first-time managers, too, as it helps determine whether you’re eager to take on a leadership role and how you handle a group.
Remember to refer to the level of freedom you give to your teammates or control you have over their performance!

I strongly believe in delegating tasks based on the level of knowledge and skill, plus the person’s capacity. Together with the team, we discuss what’s about to happen and who’s the best choice for the task at hand.
Last year, we took over the process from another department. It wasn’t a complex one, so I assigned the least experienced team member to do it. I was aware she already had the necessary knowledge and skills, and wanted to involve her in more ambitious matters. I’d noticed that she didn’t feel confident about the task, so I assured her that she had my full support, and if she’d needed me to be present at the stakeholder meetings, I’d be there. We built a takeover plan together, and she led the project from then on. The takeover went flawlessly. I was happy that we created a space where my team member wasn’t afraid of asking me, the stakeholders, and our team questions. It resulted in no understatements and a clear workflow. The team was really happy with how easy the process was for them to understand.