How do you build trust in your team?

That one is a cousin of the management style question.

Why? Well

Do you micromanage, or you’re happy with your employees growing into their roles with freedom?

Exactly. Making room for growth and freedom builds trust.

And there’s more to it, like open communication between you and your teammates, confidence in your employees’ strengths, and a level of autonomy in decision-making.
Revolve around those five areas when building your answer.

That year, the peak season hit us hard. Before Q4, I spoke with the team about the nearest workload projections and their capacity. The situation didn’t look good. We usually would’ve filled in a temporary worker position, but it happened that there’d been a recruitment freeze for a while then. I spoke openly with the team about the freeze and that it wouldn’t be possible to add a headcount at that moment. I suggested preparing training sessions for volunteers in other departments about matters they could quickly help us with. In addition, I dedicated a few hours a day to help out with the project. The team was pleased with how we navigated the difficult circumstances. And they appreciated that I contributed to reducing the team’s workload