How do I get a 1 Cr job?

How do I get a 1 Cr job.

Work Hard

Work Smart

Study more

Never give up.


Focus on the hard part 

Indians are sheep, they are interested in doing what someone else did to make money, hence the question like these. The answer is, every single type of job can pay 1 Cr per annum if you really good at your job, whatever it may be. Software Engineers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, managers etc. So, don’t be a average joe.

Following are a few examples, after at least 15+ years of experience, do get in that range, as of the year 2022

  1. Well established Medical professionals with specialisation like surgery
  2. Senior / executive management in the IT services industry
  3. Top rated software developers / architects in niche IT skills/technologies with deep expertise level
  4. Finance / Marketing / HR professionals with management degrees from top tier Collegeges like IIMs
  5. Established film / music industry professionals with demand

Increase the level of your professionalism, and do not give up.