How difficult is JP Morgan's Campus Placement Aptitude Test?

JP Morgan’s aptitude test in the placement process is one of the earliest and standard stages of the selection procedure to process out or weed out candidates for further rounds.

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However, in short, it is a one-hour analytical test consisting of 40 odd questions related to mathematics, data interpretation, logical reasoning, and English.

If someone had prepared for CAT (Common aptitude test) or any other banking exam (IBPS Bank PO), this might be an easy cakewalk or round for them to pass.

The level of the assessment test is not that hard or on par with the level of CAT.

Some fundamental strategies to prepare for the round are as follows -

  • Prepare the fundamentals of the topics like maths, LRDI, etc.
  • Practice past year assessment test papers and go through paper patterns once.
  • Ask your seniors and faculty for advice.
  • Work on weaker sections and leave no stone unturned.