How did you measure the impact of a successful campaign for a product that you marketed?

5 steps to measure marketing campaign are:

Set a target to achieve:

Setting a goal to measure with beginning metrics to compare to is the first step in developing a marketing campaign strategy.

Set a solid time frame:

Time frames allow you to track and measure data by comparing year-over-year or month-over-month comparisons.

Select success factors:

Choose the performance variables for your marketing campaign you want to track, such as sales, new users, social impressions, newsletter sign-ups, or loyalty purchases. Outlining explicit and quantitative outcomes allows you to track your progress later.

Give precise information:

Giving as much information as possible about your KPIs helps teams understand what to focus on and how to reach the goals you set.

Make a template for marketing measurement:

Consider establishing a template with all of the KPIs you intend to track and measure once you’ve decided which metrics match the goal of your marketing campaign and what time frame you want to measure the results within.