How data driven Marketing strategies impact sales?

  • A single grocery visit exposes you to over 1000 brands, which is why marketing efforts must wow us and create a bond between us and the brand.

  • Excellent marketing used to be dependent on great instincts of marketeers seeking to decipher customers via research and intuition in the pre-digital age. True marketing leaders today are abandoning hunches in favour of modern technology and machine learning to improve speed and accuracy.

  • Marketing has changed, and with it, the expectations of a Marketeer who must think on his or her feet, adapt, and act on a regular basis. Despite this, 62% of CEOs still make decisions based on experience and recommendations rather than facts. There is an obvious disconnect between expectations and reality, which we are working to bridge.

  • According to PwC study, highly data-driven organisations are three times more likely to claim major improvements in decision-making!