How can salespeople build a personal brand?

When you feel valued by the person you’re purchasing from and have faith in his or her reliability, you’re far more inclined to justify the price. While your marketing staff is hard at work developing your company’s brand, you can use this time to personalise the sales process by developing your own brand. Give them what they want: the opportunity to buy from someone they admire.

Coordinating with the marketing team
While your technical knowledge of your business may vary (looking at you, medical and IT sales reps—it gets complicated! ), your customer comprehension should be good. Identify the issues that make sense for you to address with your marketing team. When the marketing team clarifies the issues, make them talking points with your customers so that the entire company is aligned in the same direction.

E-mail Communication
Any salesperson worth their commission should be able to compose a persuasive email. Here are a few brief pointers if you need a refresher:

  • Make it all about the content. If you recently conducted a webinar, include a link to it and explain why you believe it would be relevant for an issue your lead is seeking to address.

  • Make it unique. The sales buzzword of the decade is personalization. Use “you” three times as often as “I” or when referring to your own firm.

  • Make it as brief as possible. You won’t comprehend anything if you can’t state it plainly, and neither will your followers. You just have a few seconds to create an impression on your prospect and establish your argument.

Social Presence
One of the simplest and least time-consuming methods to establish a digital footprint is through social networking. Maintain an active presence on social media networks such as LinkedIn, where you may reuse your webinars, blog posts, and articles to build a following. Demonstrate to your prospects that you have a thorough understanding of industry issues and your own products or services.