GMAT Scores for top business schools

The average GMAT scores for admission into top business schools are as follows:

  1. University of Pennsylvania 732
  2. Stanford University 732
  3. Yale University 724
  4. Harvard University 730
  5. Columbia University 732
  6. University of California - Berkeley 726
  7. University of Chicago (Booth) 731
  8. Northwestern University (Kellogg) 732
  9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) 728
  10. Dartmouth College (Tuck) 722

Not only international colleges but Indian colleges like ISB (Indian School of Business) and IIM Bangalore also accept GMAT scores. The ISB accepted scores around 711 and IIM Bangalore preferred candidates who scored over 700. Hence it is clear that scoring high in GMAT is a necessity to get into top-tier colleges. However, it must not be the only focus because most international schools look at the overall profile of the individual than the GMAT score alone. It is thus advised by many career coaches to focus on building the entire profile and not just focus on GMAT alone. Having a strong academic background and good work experience can help you get into your dream school. Best of luck!