GMAT Scheduling

GMAT exam takers can register online at or by phoning one of the test locations. An appointment must be made at one of the recognized test locations to arrange an exam. Even if the results are invalidated, the GMAT may not be taken more than once every 16 days, but no more than five times in a rolling 12-month period and no more than eight times altogether. Official GMAT exam preparation resources are available through third-party sellers and the online shop. The exam will set you back $250. When taking the test, all candidates must produce a valid ID. Test takers have the option of canceling or submitting their results after completing the test.
Test takers have been able to see their scores before making this option since July 2014.

GMAT courses, private and group coaching, and practice platforms are all available from test preparation providers. University textbooks, GMAT preparation books, and online material practice examinations, and free web resources are among the other test preparation materials accessible. The GMAT was be accessible online and at home starting April 20, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Top business institutions such as Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan have indicated that the virtual test will be accepted.