GMAT Difficulty Format

GMAT is a test format that is preferred by over 7000 business programs and courses all over the globe. Being a Computer Adaptive Test, GMAT has a testing software that adapts to how one performs at the test as one moves ahead with each question. Thus, how a student performs on every question they come across, determines the level of difficulty of the next couple of questions that they will have to solve in the exam ahead. Further, the score of a student’s GMAT performance is evaluated as per their abilities and the level of difficulty of the questions they had solved accurately, and not merely those questions that one has gotten right. It is to be noted that only the quantitative section and the verbal section apply the Computer Adaptive approach as a student proceeds through the exam. Every section will start with questions that are of medium difficulty. Further, as per the response entered by the student, the test will then provide an easier or a relatively more difficult question. The GMAT score will be composite and will consider the difficulty level of every question the student got either wrong or right. Additionally, the system will not allow any student to re-attempt or go back to the questions he has answered already.