Give a real time experience where you demonstrated leadership skills and what are your learnings from it?

  • Leadership is one of the top-ranked characteristics evaluated in behavioural interviews (just behind “teamwork”). MBA programmes are as much about communication and drive as they are about learning new skills. Discuss particular times when you led a team or overcame a challenge.

  • If you don’t have any great examples of leadership in the workplace (or even if you have), describe a time when you used your leadership talents in other settings to achieve a common goal, such as in college or in your personal life. Have you organised any events for your organisation or club?

  • Have you ever volunteered for a political cause or another activity that focuses on leadership? Recount a time when you took the lead and helped your group achieve its goal by listening, responding, motivating, and inspiring others.

While answering the question, try to use STAR based approach

S/T: - Situation or task which had taken up and given the opportunity.
A: - Approach, what was your approach towards the situation.
R: - Results, How the final results turned out, and what you learned from it.