Entry level roles in Sales and Marketing-Area Sales Executive

In this post, we will focus on one of the most common entry-level posts in Sales and Marketing which is that of the Area Sales Executive.

The Area Sales Executive(ASE) role is to oversee the Sales of the brands or products in the particular area he/she is assigned to. Usually, they are allotted a small district or group of towns or villages and tasked with overseeing the end-to-end operations in that particular place they are posted to.

The growth opportunities associated with this role is immense and one can grow into the organization after getting a broad understanding of the market with this role. Roles like that of the Area Sales Manager or that of the assistant brand manager all open up and the exit opportunities are also immense withIT or E-Commerce companies vying to lap up these people.

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Salaries offered to ASE

An Area sales executive commands a salary of 7-15 Lakhs in the top FMCG/FMCD Companies and this is just for the entry-level roles.

The salaries offered to experienced professionals would be 20-30 percent over and above the market standards due to the knowledge and in depth understanding of the markets they had been operating in their previous jobs.

The E-Commerce companies offer more than the figures mentioned above but that would include large ESOP’s and bonuses which are guaranteed always and the learning scope is also great over there.

Salaries are however not the only perks you get with this role, you are in charge of a particular region and the autonomy is something that is not present in other jobs. Plus the opportunity to build your network of retailers and distributors is a big plus as it helps even when you switch jobs.

Jobs are aplenty in this sector and it is a rewarding role.