Entering Marketing profession

There are a lot of entry-level positions that can be filled by fresh college graduates who have done their specialization in marketing or management, or any field related to marketing like- international marketing, research in marketing, management science, statistics of marketing and finance, business and commerce. One can begin by getting hired as a Marketing Assistant and under a marketing expert who can guide and teach him the inner as well as the outer work one has to take care of in this field. Apart from an assistant, a fresher can also begin by becoming a marketing analyst and his work would include basic communication with clients, researching and working on the data collected during the research. The data can also help in analysing the performance certain strategies and market campaigns have on consumers and how it impacts the business. Some people also enter the field as a Business Development Representative and its ideal for freshers because it has some elements of independence and entrepreneurship associated with itself. Their work would be to take charge and take initiatives in contacting clients, working on digital marketing campaigns, organizing webinars etc. There are several positions in this field open for freshers and they are all unique in themselves.